Nutrition Focused Corporate Wellness

We’re in the business of making healthy employees…

Carolina Nutrition offers nutritional coaching services at the corporate level.
Employment-based wellness programs that focus on health promotion and disease prevention can reduce the burden of chronic disease, improve health, and limit the growth of healthcare costs.

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control have shown that employers who utilize corporate wellness programs have decreased absenteeism, reduced health care expenses, and increased productivity among employees.

Corporate wellness programs are a growing trend to fight not only obesity in the U.S., but the skyrocketing cost of medical care and insurance premiums.

Our Registered Dietitians are available to teach group sessions or work individually with your staff to achieve their nutrition or weight management goals.

A sample of our current programs:

Diabetes Management
Healthy Dining Initiatives
Lifestyle Coaching
Lunch n’ Learns
Onsite Nutrition Coaching
Personalized Menu & Fitness Plans
Recipes & Tips
Weight Loss/Management

Healthy Dining Initiatives
Let our dedicated dietitians develop menus that present nutritious foods that encourage your employees to make healthy food decisions. We make fresh, exciting, corporate dining easy for your employees – and for you!
Improving, optimizing, and sustaining the well-being of your workforce!

Nutrition is the “core” of a Healthier Workplace

Contact us today and set up a Team Nutritional Coaching session.

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