The GALA menu embraces newer menu trends and cooking from scratch.

  • 5-Week Menu Cycle
  • Diet Spreadsheets Include:
    • Regular
    • No Added Salt (NAS)
    • Consistent Carbohydrate (CCHO)
    • Heart Healthy (Low Fat, Low Cholesterol, and High Fiber)
    • Renal (Liberalized)
    • Mechanical Soft, Chopped Meat
    • Mechanical Soft, Ground Meat
    • Puree
    • Finger Food
  • Sunday start date for Menus
  • Anytime Menu
  • Weeks at a Glance Menu for posting (legal and ledger sizes)
  • Weeks at a Glance Menu with portions (for dietary staff reference)
  • Recipes scaled to 20, 50 and 100 for all diets but pureed
  • Recipes scaled to 5, 10, 15 for puree diet
  • Weekly Nutrition Analysis for stated diets
  • Snack Menu

*Upon purchase, you will receive a zip file with all components listed above for your use.


Carefully created by our team of RDNs and CDMs.

GALA Standard Package


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