Healthcare Menu Development

Menus your community will Thank You for!

No one understands the challenges of menu planning like we do. 
It’s a fine balance between satisfying your community, creating exciting dishes, staying within budget, and meeting regulatory guidelines.  Our team of Registered Dietitians and culinary experts will provide you valuable guidance on current food trends, the latest health recommendations, ideas for cost control, while helping you meet your specific regulatory needs.

Each menu cycle is designed to provide the highest quality and most economical food items to meet your PPD while considering your staff mix and kitchen components.

Benefits of using our customized menu design service:

Decreased RD and chef/manager time spent planning menus
Improved efficiency with overall menu system
Improved inventory and cost controls
Increased resident/client satisfaction with menu choices
Improved dining experience
Increased family satisfaction with dining services
Decreased plate waste
Increased quality and savings of your food dollars
Happier, healthier residents/clients!

Our goal is to create fresh menus that your community will rave about!

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