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Does your wait staff receive questions regarding the nutritional content of your menu items? 
Have they been asked about food allergens on your menus?

Our Registered Dietitians and culinary experts understand that consumers are becoming more mindful of the foods they are enjoying and the challenges this can present to your restaurant.

Soon eating establishments with 20 or more locations will be required to make nutrition information for menus easily accessible to customers.  Although smaller restaurants will not be required to do the same, consumers will come to expect this information.

So get ahead of the curve and let our team get you ready NOW!

Nutrition Analysis
Menu Design
Recipe development
Food Allergen Training
Gluten-free Dining
Manager’s ServSafe Certification Training
Ask the RD resources for your customers!

Get ready now . . .

Menu Analysis / Menu Design / Training

At Lizard's Thicket, we're known for traditionally prepared comfort food, but because we always want to keep up with our customers' dietary concerns and needs, we offer new menu items…

Sara R. Krisnow, Community Relations Manager

You folks have done a great job on the menu for this cycle as usual. I have decided to use yours this time and not [the competitors] because I’m tired…

Chef Rick Schmitt, CDM, CDFF

Being a Chef and Food Service Director my job is daunting at times. Having an experienced, hardworking, and dedicated team like Carolina Nutrition available to help with menus, nutritional breakdowns,…

Executive Chef/Food Service Director, Metz Culinary Management

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